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World Dance Lancaster

World Dance, also known as International Folk Dance, involves a group of happy people performing traditional ethnic dances in a circle, a line, couple, trio, quadrille, longways set, or individual formation. Some of the countries represented are: Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia, Albania, Russia, Poland, Greece, Israel, Turkey, and Armenia, along with a smattering of dances from many other countries.

There is an endless variety of styles and rhythms, with many beautiful and unusual musical arrangements. Folk dancing is great exercise and a fun recreational activity for people of all ages, and is a family-friendly activity. Dancing is beneficial for stress-reduction and cardiovascular stimulation, and protects against dementia. The atmosphere is relaxed and welcoming, and the suggested dress is cool, comfortable clothing, and sneakers.

You will be likely to “glow”, as dancers do! Anyone can learn to folk dance, as no formal dance experience is necessary.

Printable 2015 World Dance Lancaster Summer Dance Class Schedule

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No partner is required, so come along, have some fun, and meet great people,
while you Discover Your Inner Gypsy” at World Dance Lancaster!